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 For over 30 years Marc Longval has been going in the hole – creating septic systems, building foundations, doing demolition work, tree work and stump removal, new road construction and underground utilities work. And often he’s the general contractor for the above ground work too, building houses, garages, small commercial buildings, even the occasional shed.


Keeping up with technology but old school at heart, he’s that throwback perfectionist your grandfather used to be. Detail oriented he commits whatever energy and resources necessary to do it right, to your satisfaction, the first time. 

A veteran of several hundred projects, he has the depth of experience to see the big picture and how each tradesman fits, and the eye to know if a single screw is out of place. Plus his Yankee instinct for thrift benefits you as well. A mechanically great 20-year old excavator pushes earth around as well as a 20 month old machine with a mortgage. 

Marc isn’t about flash – he’s all about service…  and his thriftiness saves you 5-15% on the average project. It might not sound like much, but that $30,000 savings on a new home is a huge chunk of your child’s education, or 5-10 nice vacations, or a 2nd car, or..  or…

If you have an excavation need, new construction project or a renovation requiring a building permit, you owe it to yourself to call Marc. He shoots from the hip and will be easy on your wallet.

A NH Excavation Contractor

An Excavation Contractor

Often a project owner has specific goals and plans for their property and we can always accommodate your exact wishes. However, sometimes a seasoned and experienced eye can suggest plan improvements or refinements that elevate a good project to a fantastic one. And calling Marc has other benefits too:

The right excavation equipment and a good operator makes the project more cost efficient. The right kind of stone, pipe, fill and optimal placement will improve drainage and keep your yard dry.

A flawless design of your septic system will reduce headaches and cut lifetime maintenance costs.

The proper subsurface of your parking lot can mean the difference between a 5 year anniversary with a crumbling, cracked asphalt face, or another decade of maintenance free enjoyment.

In addition, soils, hydrostatic pressure and building codes vary from town to town, lot to lot. Don’t you deserve someone with 100’s of projects’ experience…  someone who understands the techniques and nuances between a satisfactory job and an excellent one?

You are going to spend borrowed or hard earned money for this project. Wouldn’t you like peace of mind that you are getting an excavation contractor who will do a great job at a lean price?

Call Marc Longval. He’s personally involved in every excavation project, completely insured, owns all his own excavation equipment, has 30+ years’ experience and enjoys a sterling reputation among both consumers and other contractors. - You owe it to yourself to call Marc.

A NH Home Builder

A General Contractor


Get Your New Home Off To A Great Start.

Hiring a building contractor in NH is actual work! You want a contractor who’s talented, methodical, capable, dependable, honest and affordable. And wouldn’t it be nice if he was also responsive and easy to talk to?

Marc Longval is that kind of man. A man’s man, Marc owns all of his own equipment. He gets immense satisfaction from the look on his homeowners’ faces when they see his completed work. He knows their joy is his next referral…  He’s one of those exceptional individuals that understands that all business is really about relationships…  It’s always so much more than simply dollars and cents.

Over the years he’s done 100’s of projects: foundations, garages, remodels, and new homes too many to even count. Almost always on time, he is always on budget, and never considers a project done until you’re satisfied. 

Building a new home is never easy…  how many rooms, how many baths, wood or carpeted floors, fixtures to be selected, colors to be chosen,  brick, slate, concrete or asphalt walkways, and 100’s of other decisions to be made. You get the point. The very last thing you want, is headaches with the contractor. 

No worries: If you do business with Marc, your only fights will be with your spouse and children. We can’t help you there – sorry!

To minimize your headaches, give Marc a call today!

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