Weare Excavation Contractor

Weare, NH Excavation Contractor.

Are You Doing An Excavation Project in Weare, NH?

Like an elbow between two important bones, Weare is central to two of the state’s most important cities, Concord and Manchester. The majority of the community’s 9,000-ish residents who are employed work in one city or the other making commuting a way of life. When you are on the road every day to get to work, home always seems sweeter.

Making your home your castle is what Marc Longval is all about. With 100’s of completed projects and 30 years’ experience Marc internalizes people’s property dreams and helps guide and bring them to pass. Sometimes it’s renovating or remodeling a house, sometimes it’s erecting a new garage or barn, and often it’s a simpler project, placing or replacing a septic system, burying utility lines or opening the ground for a new foundation. Doing a variety of work keeps Marc on his toes, but what he likes to do best is move earth: clearing ground, putting in a gravel road or driveway (or prepping it for concrete or asphalt) or creating your new basement or foundation.     

Regardless of your excavation or contracting needs, you can count on Marc to be straightforward, thorough and transparent. He knows that you are his next referral, and so on and so forth.      

Give Marc a call, 494-4202, to discuss your excavation or contracting needs.

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