A NH Building Foundation Contractor

Need An Quality Building Foundation Contractor?

 There are two names you need to know:  Marc Longval and American Excellence Construction & Excavation, LLC.

Marc Longval, and a choice few associated companies have been building foundations for decades. He owns all his equipment and concrete forms outright. He is personally involved in all his bids, all his contracts, and is generally on site for all the work. He stands 100% behind his workmanship, and can easily be reached whenever you have a question.  In short – he does business he does business the old fashioned way: expert knowledge, conscientious workmanship and personal responsibility.  And because he has no mortgage or finance payments, he can usually offer a quote 5-15% less than the other guys.

Of course  you may be able to find some fly-by-night rookies willing to do work for less, but keep in mind, on average you get what you pay for! A cracked and leaking foundation is no fun for anyone!

Save yourself headaches. Call Marc today and get a quality building foundation estimate. You’ll be glad you did!