Deering Excavation Contractor

Deering, NH Excavation Contractor.

Doing Excavation Work in Deering, NH?

Why would a world famous photographer like Lotte Jacobi or a world famous musician like Tom Rush choose to live for decades in Deering? 

Perhaps they knew how great a place Deering was and is. We certainly do…

That’s why we love to help Deering families and businesses with all their excavation needs.

American Excellence Excavation and Construction, LLC’s Marc Longval has been helping Deering families and businesses just like yours create their dream projects for over 30 years. Sometimes clearing land, sometimes digging or creating foundations, sometimes placing or removing septic systems, sometimes burying utility lines or creating roads and driveways, Marc has brought over 200 projects to completion, on time and on budget.     

Wouldn’t you prefer to have someone like Marc as your excavation contractor?

Save some headaches! Call Marc at 494-4202.